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G&G CM16 SRS help

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Im still kinda a noob esp when it comes to internals and such.


Recently bought the g&g cm16 srs with a 11.1 1450mah 25c battery. 


Bought off patrol base and was told needs the 11.1 battery to work. But the 11.1v 1300mah 15c battery they recommend wasnt in stock.


All works fine but noticed the grip where the motor is getting warm while in use in the field on gameday. Is this battery too powerful for the stock motor which i believe is a (25000rpm Hi-torque Long axis)


if so what battery would you recommend using this this. Or what upgrades shoild i get to keep up with the battery i have?

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If your using semi, it will get hot as active braking generates a lot of heat quickly (I don't recall if g&g fets have active braking or not)


edit :- I should add my ares vz58c gets hot if I am spamming semi on it's 11.1v lipo (in one particular game the grip ended up being too hot to hold, with gloves on, but this did take 2 to 3 hi caps worth of bb's... it was a glorious game :lol:)

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Component shop have just got some stock in of the 11.1v 15C.  Be aware PB wont warranty on a 25C battery if it breaks it'll have to go back to G&G

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