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Another "CYMA 51x surprisingly not awful" review

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I took my CYMA CM.516 M4 (short RIS rails on the sides and bottom) out for a CQB today.  Deliberately untouched from out of the box, stock 1100mAh battery , I haven't even cleaned the barrel.  The only thing I did was to bin the 2-pin trickle charger that came with it and used a basic Nuprol charger.


What do you know, it did fine.  Patrolbase sent it with a note saying that it had chronoed at 328 x 0.2g, and it chronoed on site at... 328 x 0.2g.


It ran off the 1100mAh all day, very nearly issue free.  It misfed once when I was triggering it too fast on semi-auto (mandated on site).  A quick flip to full auto sorted it.


The accuracy wasn't brilliant, it span a fair few number of BBs off to the sides, but it put enough on target that I wasn't feeling worthless.  Bear in mind that I have not cleaned out any initial crud from the barrel, to see how it performed.  I'll be giving it a good reaming tonight.


Yes, it's almost entirely plastic, but how many players have ever said at the end of a day "Gosh, I wish my gun was heavier."   In dank mushroom dark earth it looks just fine.  It even looked decent in the mushroom + not-very-bright red that patrolbase put on it.


The one thing that wants sorted is the gearbox shimming, it's obviously whiny when compared to a properly shimmed gun.  Shims are on their way.  Mmmm, shims.


For £75 though I really can't complain.  You can be effective in CQB with this gun.



After a barrel clean, PTFE taping the end of inner barrel to remove some wobble, fitting a holographic sight, and getting the sight and hop-up dialled in, I put about a thousand rounds through it in a controlled environment.  At a measured 15m it was hitting a can sized target (OK, cans) about 4 shots out of 5 in semi-auto.  At 20m, it was about about 50-50.  A 2l milk bottle (i.e. head sized) was an almost guaranteed hit out to 20m.


Most misses were very close, you'd be hitting a torso pretty much every shot well out past 20m.  It was still spinning the occasional BB off to the side, but most were spot on.


What was particularly fun was the consistency on full auto, making it practical to walk shots on target.


I know that's not impressive by high end gun standards, but I was genuinely surprised by how well the cheapest 'real' AEG on the market performs.  If it retains that consistency it will do me just fine for CQB.

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