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Help with mp5

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I have recently bought a new ASG mp5 for about £100. I've just put a g&g motor in and although it cycled quickly it still had poor trigger response. It also has this really annoying issue of half cycling (winds a little but doesn't shoot) if I pull the trigger fast enough. Are either of these an issue that would be solved by a new trigger unit? Will an m4 trigger unit from an m4 fit or would it be mp5 specific? 


Im completely new to all of this so any help what so ever would be massively appreciated 

thanks in advance 

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No and no.

Trigger is mp5 spec. The trigger pull is longer because the gearbox sits higher than in the M4 so the trigger needs to be longer.

Trigger response can be increased with high torque motor and a lipo that can give high amps in burst (the higher C rating on the lipo).

If it has tamiya connectors, switch to deans. Also, shoot in single shots and feel the connectors and the fuse if it gets hot anywhere. If it does then that's a weak point in the wiring, you lose performance there.

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