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Well D 94s m4 -change plastic gearbox to metal one?

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Is it possible to change a plastic gearbox from a cheap gun to a metal gearbox? Will the metal gearbox fit into my Well D 94s m4 rifle?. The gearbox in the rifle now is a cm01.


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Best cheapo gun worth buying is a Cyma CM51x something

515 Keymod or 517 Raider type or others...


Buy a G&G if you can afford it


what you currently have is nothing but a plinker and not worth any time/money on it


The gun in question has the pistol grip cast as part of the crappy plastic receiver shell

So you would have to cut the the cast grip away and fit a regular M4 grip/motor plate

Which might or most likely not align up correctly into the poxy two clam halves shel of the receiver

On top of that the stock tube doesn't screw on but clips on at the back I think

It also seems to creep into receiver which means  the full metal box may not fit in correctly

Or at least more modding required...

Heck a crappy B500A1 Bulldog would be easier (not much) but that would still be a waste of time

(still would have to cut the pistol grip off a Bulldog but receiver-stock tube might be ok)

Still would have to have way too much time & patience & waged a good bit of money to attempt it

(I did think about a B500A1 once but thought nahhhhh - Krinkov or AK12 mod is about my limit)


So it "could" be done - people have modded Nerf guns or a mix of M4 to look like a Nerf gun

But really & honestly unless you are very highly skilled, talented, lots of time and very sad....




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