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Moved to UK looking for friends/team and gamesites

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Hey guys and gals!


I have returned to UK after my two year break from uni to finish my studies. While on my holidays I got infected by the awesome sport of airsoft! I have played airsoft for around a year and a bit in my birthplace of Lithuania. Currently I am based in the city of Leeds and looking for like minded people to enjoy rain and cold together. I play a sniper role and a spotter would be great! My most experiance comes from woodland areas, I have played airsoft nearly every sunday since I found it. I am fresh, but have mounted some serious experiance. Do you guys know any good sites around Leeds area? I am a bit of a motorbike freak so I do not have a car, but I do own a motorbike which I would use if I can't find a buddy with a car. I will be playing most weekends as this is how I blow my steam out the best. 


Regards, Hades







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Welcome :).

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Unfortunately, I can't provide you with advice on sites around Leeds but I'm sure someone definitely will. 


you can also try using www.airsoftmap.net - it does have a map view of many sites in UK with links to their websites and contact information.

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