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WE MP5k front sling loop query / help.

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I bought a WE MP5k PDW "with folding stock" from Asiaairsoft.com and although I have had many pleasant transactions from them.. This month I haven't!


They sent me a plain WE MP5k with NO stock. They have said that they will send me a folding stock out in the post.


However the model they have sent me has no front sling loop / attachment!

(Welded onto the front sight)

I wanted the 3 point slings as this would be used as a secondary weapon to sniper rifle slung on my back....


A long time ago I saw or read that you could get a front sling loop attached to the front body pin? However can I find a picture or a link to this. NO!


Can anybody please help me with this small issue?

What I would prefer, is the whole front sight with the sling loop welded on, but again can I find a link... Lol


Any help would be very much appreciated

Many thanks in advance.

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Would you recommend that company to buy from (not just based on this experience) I had a similar issue with my hk 417, I went (strangely) to amazon and found "HK sling adapter" amazingly it was there... hope that helps. Good luck mate 

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Hi, sorry for the delay in answering.

In one word. Yes I would, even though this last order I had a small hiccup, they are trying to rectify the problem, however it takes time due to the distance and time zone difference.


your answer to my original question doesn't answer the problem as I have no rails, which I think your referring to?


It's the body pin which has a hoop attached? Which I'm after I think...

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