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London Newbie

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Hello all,


I'm new to all this so could do with a little guidance. I've admired the game from afar for many a year, had a SCAR AEG from wolf armouries with the intention of playing in 2007 but commitments dictated otherwise.

The bug has bitten me again (at 37) and I've been putting together a British dpm/mtp mix loadout (boonie, shirt, trousers, scrim scarf, assault vest) and am looking to get going within a week a two. 

I'll need a rifle but as I'm not site registered I understand it has to be one of those two-tones for now, any pointers to the less garish/ more reliable would be helpful.

More importantly,  where do I begin in London? I'm near Uxbridge in West London but can travel into the centre if there are any events coming up.

I'd love to turn up at a local club if there are any meets, gaming or spectating. 

If any Londoner's know how to drag a noob up and can cast a light on the need to knows I'd be very grateful.





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Welcome :).  For guidance, recommend that all newcomers read the pinned (sticky) topics in each section, they contain lots of useful information.  Start with those in the New Players & Arrivals.  The search tool is easy to use, has a 3 character minimum length, and will help you find previous posts. 


My advice is not to rush out and buy a two-tone gun but to instead hire from a site while you get your membership, use the time to do some research and then once you have your defence just buy a realistic one.  Of course, you will get lots of different advise from members regarding two-tones and first guns.

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Hello and welcome,


I would agree to what Jedi_Master has said about two tone guns. Instead of rushing out and buying a two tone, have a couple of games with hire kit from the site. By the time you will have your UKARA sorted you will be much more knowledgeable about the sport and most likely will already know what realistic AEG/GBB you want. Plus when playing at the sites you will meet people and can always ask them information about their guns and maybe even hold them and have a feel for them. 


www.airsoftmap.net is a good resource for airsoft sites. 

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