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after some advice - upgrade or buy

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Hi All, im after a little advice if you can help.  my first AEG which is a ASG M15 SIR full metal body is sitting pretty much unused at the minute as i play mostly cqb with a krytac pdw or a ghk g5.  i am playing with the idea of upgrading some internals to improve the range and accuracy for use at outdoor longer ranged sites.


from a tech skill level i have had the gearbox apart and rewired it to the rear and do basic maintenance on our gas guns so not a great level of expertise at the moment but i do want to learn more and am comfortable with the mechanics, just poor at soldering.


from what i have read i should be looking at 


tightbore barrel - 6.03 probably and spacers to stop any wobble

upgraded hopup - madbull/laylax

hop booking - mapleleaf

hop nub - read up on rhop and flat hop but dont really want to go this route to start with


i then am going to look at the gearbox starting with the nozzle and may look at increasing the ROF a little but as the gearbox i have will not be the best being from a cheap gun i would start with a prebuilt gearbox like the ares gearbox with blue mosfet.


I have also been looking at what is out at the minute and came across the G&G cm16 Predator which looks nice externally and seems to have a decent high ROF gearbox.



so my question if you had the choice and around £200-250 budget would you A) take the ASG and upgrade or B) buy the G&G predator and upgrade that model in the future


thanks in advance


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Owning the ASG M15 and having owned the GC16 Predator from G&g, I can say out of the box the Predator is by far my preffered gun.


The ASG came firing hot, it's also big and heavy compared to the G&g, however it did have better range out of the box.


I prefer the build quality, looks, and internals of the g&g, there isn't really much you can do to it to upgrade it either, the MOSFET built in is great, and I liked the 3 round burst feature.


If I was in your shoes, I would sell the ASG, and buy the G&g. But that's just my opinion.

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Thanks Prisce


The comparison is appreciated, going to take a closer look at the G&G

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