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Can't find 'desired' Type of battery

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Hello again :D I have another query, there's most likely a simple reason as to why I can't find it, but just incase I'm looking in the wrong places I thought I'd ask...

why can I not find any 3000mah, or greater, 9.6v nimh "butterfly/nunchuck" style batteries for my crane stock? I mean like picture one with two sticks as oppose to three sticks or as a block like picture two : (I'd rather not split any pack or try add wires etc but is there any reason I can't find it split into two sticks?



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Even if they were split, those big 3300mah packs just don't fit in a crane stock.

The only way to get that much capacity in a stock is a big ass brick lipo in a full M16 (A2) type stock. As a bonus there should be enough room left over for snacks...



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