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any advice for big noses?

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So I know this is kind of stupid, but I'm getting into Airsoft and have bought some mesh goggles and a lower face mask. Problem is, no matter how much i bend it the mask crushes my nose. I've seen a video of someone attaching the two together but in case that doesn't work (dont think it will with the glasses I've bought), does anyone suggest an idea or worst case a type of face protection that is perhaps held up by the goggles so it doesn't put strain on the nose/ chin?


pictures below of what i have...



Big Nose




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I cut my face mask a little so that it could be glued on to my goggles, you could try the same, I have seen people use cable ties to attatch the two together as well.


you could get yourself a full mesh face mask, think they are called fencing masks?

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