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That new gun feeling

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Finally got to field my newly built custom gun at the weekend. It's a great feeling having a gun that you know every part that's been upgraded. It's built in a G&P receiver, outer barrel and gearbox with SHS gears, piston assembly, cylinder head and air nozzle with a Gate Titan programmable MOSFET set up with precocking and semi, 3 round burst and full auto. The motor is the G&P 16 TPA M120motor with neodymium magnets. It's got the G&P hop up with a flat hopped ZCI stainless steel 300mm 6.03mm barrel. Externals are a Noveski 10" rail, ZCI barrel extension, Retroarms CNC mag release, fire selector, trigger and bolt catch and PTS foregrip, pistol grip, trigger guard and stock and finally a Trijicon ACOG and RMR red dot clone. After a bit of feeding issues first thing in the morning it worked brilliantly all day. I love the feel and sound of the precocking and knowing that as soon as I pull the trigger it'd fire a shot. Fires dead on 1J so an M100 and 0.28s are in order. What really made my day though was getting a phwoar from the guy chronoing it in the morning.received_10154955160807894.thumb.jpeg.b0b063464e933596ecb12872f93802c9.jpeg



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