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I currently own a ASG P-09 Metal Slide (which the first time i skirmished it was brilliant) with just the one Green Gas mag.


I do notice that retailers in the UK are selling the CO2 mag variant. However i have tried to find a UK reviewer which has chrono'd it with the CO2 mag. I have not found yet. Did a bit of a search for some written reviews but didn't seem to find any that were UK reviews.


Am only considering getting a CO2 for winter times mainly and that's probs going to be 2 mags at best. But not knowing what the FPS is going to be or near to, i don't want to risk buying and finding out its over the limit. 


I know with green gas its 300fps. But anyone owned one and used the CO2 and got any results. I did find someone selling a P-09 with CO2 and said 320fps. But am not sure if that was the KJW one which might have different results.


Any help is appreciated.

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Hi mate, I'm pretty sure your asg p09 is made by kjw but licensed (trademarked) by asg. 

From the research I have found when looking to buy the gun myself with a co2 magazine using in warm weather and using 0.20g bbs the fps was around 350-380 so could be a little high for game days, but it the winter the fps and joules will drop a little but could still fire a little hot.. 

If you also shoot at home though you could get the co2 magazine for use at home, and then test it out yourself to, so either way it would not be a waste of money :)

ATB Marc 

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