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Back after 10 years...

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Hi everyone,


I used to play when I was 16 10 years ago at Dragon Valley and went to some CQ place in hereford once I cant rember the name of.


Had several guns... CA M16A4, then I had an M4 and an MP5 then got a CA33E which I put a bipod scope etc on Only have a few left one is a TM revolver that doesnt work properly (thinks its a shotgun and empties all the shots in each chamber in one go...)


Been thinking about giving things a go again but obviously the rules are a bit stricter these days. So I have (somewhat foolishly) already ordered a new gun! I ordered a Swiss Arms Firepower SAR10 CO2 for £85 in two tone...(probably swap internals for spring) as I never owned a sniper and will use it for a bit of messing about shooting in the garden etc for now until I manage to actually get along to a site.


One question I was strugling to find an answer to is obviously it was bought as a two tone, If I get registered in a few months am I then legally allowed to paint it black or whatever or would it only apply to guns purchased after this point?


Also I believe my old guns I believe I can leagaly still own as I've had them so long? But can I actually use them or would a site not let me use them as I'm not registered yet...





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Welcome :). There is no problem with the ownership of your guns.   However, you will need a valid defence to purchase any new realistic ones.  Have a read of all the pinned (sticky) topics in each section, as they contain some useful information.

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