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Mobile robot for CQB

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I'm a former airsofter and now work as robotics engineer in a young startup.


We designed a robot similar to the ones used by bomb-squads. It drives wireless via WiFi, is waterproof and as it weights only 18 lbs with its 4hr of driving it can be used as a personal assistant.

Essentially, it could be used in CQB, in 'battle' photography or even as scout platform for Milsim.


As the rover is so robust I figured out, we could find some feedback in airsoft community.


We are looking for people to perform test-mission remotely via Internet. You'd sit and relax in front of your computer and perform some tasks driving a rover located in Poland: investigate the spot, collect a bomb (using the gripper) or drive through terrain traversal.


If you are interested just write me a PM or write below - we'll figure out a schedule to meet.


To see more:




Hope this post won't be regarded as spam or ad, but if you find it inappropriate - could you tell me where to move it or who to ask for permission? :D




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Sounds neat, but it's only application would maybe be MilSim. It wont be worth using it for standard CQB or whatever, and its likely too low to the ground to be much good at taking photos. It still looks well made and might be great for MilSim - can the camera take a BB (might want to test that)?


For your testers, do they need to be in Poland? I wouldn't mind helping you out - it seems neat, but I am US-based, and most of the people on here are UK based, so if we need to be in Poland you might have some trouble finding volunteers on this forum.


Best of luck though, it seems like a cool project!

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Thanks for feedback.

Thought about using the robot in CQB as scout going around corners etc., but as I understood standard skirmishes are too fast to think about a robot.

We didn't test the camera for BBs, but there shouldn't be any problem as it's shielded by original GoPro Hero glass.


As for testing - maybe I didn't point it well, you can be actually anywhere in the World. With the rover still in Poland you'd connect to our desktop via TeamViewer and drive it remotely. We had even people from Australia and Colombia driving it and performing 'the mission' (with ca. 1 s delay).

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Sign me up then! haha. Also, GoPro glass doesn't stand up to a BB. Nor does the cover on the cases. I have personally seen both shot out, and there are numerous videos on youtube of gopros being shot out. 3 of the 5 videos show cameras shot out in the title pictures. And those were from range. If someone in the dark hears a bit of movement 5 feet in front of them on the floor, they may shoot first thinking its an enemy in prone. Maybe add a replaceable piece of plexiglass in front of the lens? Just y 2 cents 



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Ok, will contact you PM.

Actually thought GoPro glass is unbreakable :) you got me. But we'd figure out additional polycarbonate cover for Airsofters - good point!

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