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New London Based Player

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Hello All,


Im new to airsoft and I am very keen to chat to you all and hopefully get some ideas about kit builds, good locations for skirmishing and the laws around airsoft in the UK. 


I have been looking into the tactical warfare site based in Croyden area and had a great chat with Alan. He talked me through a few starter setups and invited me along to the game this Saturday to have a look around the shop and chat to a few people.


I have experience with sniper rifle shooting from using air rifles a lot as a kid. I would prefer a sniper setup (maybe L96) with an SMG side arm (maybe MP7) although I have been told maybe to start with a AEG M4 type weapon. I am open to suggestions.


I would forward to chatting to you all!



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Welcome :)

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I don't really understand this obsession with telling people to start with an M4.

If you like an SMG and want to get an MP7 then get yourself one of those (once you have a valid VCRA defence.)

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Sir Scott, Welcome and hope you enjoy the awesome hobby (and money sink) that is Airsoft.


I see your interested in getting the L96 as a sniper weapon. I would point out a few things:

Firstly nearly all sniper rifles in airsoft need upgrading as soon as you buy them, especially TM ones, as good as TM are they still need upgrading. About the only rifle that does not need upgrading is the Novritch SSG24 but you have to wait a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time for it, i ordered mine on 01-02-17 and only got it end of May 2017.

Airsoft sniping isn't like actual real life sniping, but i'm sure you know that, you will only have about 20 to 40 yards advantage over AEG players who if they can organise a half decent assault will soon close that advantage. Sniping is a bit of a marmite thing, either you love it or hate it and sadly it has also killed off those interested in the sport and tried only sniping only to get frustrated with it and quit. You have to persevere a lot and end up getting hit alot whilst only getting 2 or 3 kills per game and that can get frustrating especially since wind is such a massive factor in airsoft veering BBs off target, also not to mention that getting the rifle setup just right can take a lot of blood, sweat and tears trust me i know (stupid frigging VSR-10 veering to the right on every shot :@ ). Not to mention being able to know your MED or minimum engagement distance some fields its 15 others go all the way up to 30 metres, i have looked at some of the photos of that site and it looks cramped in some spaces limiting the use of a sniper rifle.


If i were you get an AEG first, if you like M4s go down the route of a G&G combat Machine, if you prefer that AK go for CYMA, play with it for the first 6 months to a year then either upgrade it, switch it for another gun or just plain get another gun like a hi end out of the box M4 such as a Krytac or one of G&G Top Tech line, play with that for a bit then once your settled then consider getting a sniper rifle.


I went through several rifles before getting my first sniper rifle, a TM VSR-10 and no matter what i did with the hop up, scope BBs, waiting on the wind etc the shots always veered right and frustrated me so much i got rid of it, i now own what i call my "Whaaaaats up guuys" rifle AKA Novritsch SSG24 Rifle.


I note you also want an MP7 and AFAIK good quality MP7s are only gas blowback weapons, there is the WELL MP7 but apparently its poor quality or needs a lot of work to it to make it decent.


If i were in your place (and i was once) take the advice of many, get a decent M4 or AK starter weapon AEG, then if you want a pistol go for a GLOCK 17, M9 Beretta etc, ideally one made by Tokyo Marui, then as time goes on transition to sniping. After playing airsoft for about 3 years i have only really gotten into sniping more seriously and yes whilst i am enjoying it i still tend to prefer my M4 as i can get close and personal.


If your dead set on getting a sniper rifle and it has to be an L96 then look no further than the Tokyo Marui L96, its a Tokyo Marui so the quality will be good but expect to pay for it, also it will need a at least another £150 to £300 worth of upgrade parts. See here for a comprehensive list of upgrades:




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Thanks for the warm welcome all!


@Shizbazki Thanks for all the info!  To be honest the AR that I have always had a soft spot for is the SCAR-L/H. I like the full length rail on top with the rail underneath at the front too. Does anyone have a good suggestions on the make for a SCAR-L/H? I don't mind spending a bit of money but I was looking to spend no more than £500 for a rifle, sidearm (including holster) and accessories like a case, sights, extra mags, silencer etc. 


Do you think that enough for someone starting off? I know that I'm new to all of this but I can almost guarantee that I will enjoy it. I would rather spend a bit more at the start and have a good rig that will last me. 


if anyone has any good kit suggestions I would be very appreciative. I already have all my safety gear and clothing. Im looking for a tactical vest/webbing or something similar, a SCAR-L/H, probably an M9 Beretta, holster for the M9, hard carry case (like a peli case) for the AR, ACOG style sight for the AR, extra mags for both and fore grip for the AR. Anything else you can suggest would be appreciated as well.


Also Im still looking for places close to London to play. I dont have a car so it makes travel slightly more difficult.


Cheers all!

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Welcome to the forums @SirScott,


if you are looking for a SCAR I have heard good things about TM Recoil Shock Scar, it is a bit pricey though £400+ 

Another option would be to go with a G&G Scar, I'm Pretty sure someone was selling brand new G&G Scar's in classifieds section, have a look there.


If your budget is £500 I would go with G&G Scar and then spend what is left of that budget on accessories of your interest. 


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