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What weight BB's?

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Hey, so I have read the Noob sticky's, and I have had a search and can't find a topic that discusses the weight of BB's

I realise that, like so many other things, this is a personal preference thing. But there must be some kind of measurable difference between the weights of different BB's and therefore the accuracy, trajectory arcs, distance etc.


I recently saw someone on a post recommending 0.23g BB's, being a newbie I am just chucking the 0.20g BB's that I got with the AEG, but I am running low so will be purchasing an ammo stockpile soon enough.


So come on, sound off on your choice of BB's, and most importantly why. If you have empirical evidence to back up your reasoning, then so much the better.

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Heaviest that your hop can consistently lift*. For older guns this might be .25s, but newer ones can take a .30. Heavier BBs go further as they lose less energy in flight over lighter ones.


Try some out and see, but bare minimum is .25s for woodland I'd say.


*And that you're willing to pay for.

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Your CM 16 should have no problems with 0.25g,and might even manage 0.28g.

Decent, heavier BBs will be the best and most cost effective accuracy and range upgrade you'll ever make. They'll travel further, and even though they start out slower after about 40m they'll actually get to the target quicker as they retain more of their speed for longer (imagine a golf ball vs a ping pong ball...).

I've never had any issues with ASG Blaster 0.25g and ASG Devil 0.28g, but everyone will have an opinion on which brand is best /value for money /most accurate.

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With the G&G hop ups, I find .25 works the best, but I cheap out on .2 cos I spent all my money on patches! The guy who recommended ASG blasters is absolutely right and Patrol Base have a deal on with them at the moment. 

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Sciencey bit: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/articles/fps_dist_time/fps_dist_time.htm


Note: this is the world's WORST webpage. All text is black on a dark blue background. Open the link then do Ctrl+A to select all the text. You should be able to read it then.

Main conclusions:




Overall, the important results to us are as follows:

  1. Shots made within 50 feet will have a greater ending velocity with .20 gram bbs.
  2. Shots made over 50 feet should use .25 gram bbs for stability and velocity retention.
  3. BB flight times under 0.25 of a second can use .20 gram bbs for a higher velocity.
  4. BB flight times over 0.25 of a second should use .25 gram bbs because velocity and momentum is conserved better.
  5. Shots fewer than 90 feet can use .20 gram bbs for a faster shot time.
  6. Shots made over 90 feet should use .25 gram bbs for a quicker, more stable ammo flight path.



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