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Ares amoeba am 008 upgrades

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Currently, I own an ares amoeba 008 and I was wondering what upgrades would you put into it and what would you add externally (torch, PEQ box, ext)


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Externally I'd add as little as possible to get the job done, as guns soon get heavy and cumbersome. But it's your choice. I mean you could hang the kitchen sink off of the thing if that's what floats your boat.

Internally, a good clean and proper lubrication, AOE adjustment and decent shimming /motor height adjustment. Good lipos and Deans connectors. Feed it decent quality 0.25-0.28g BBs and get out and become a better player.

There's no point arbitrarily throwing 'upgrades' at a gun until either something goes wrong, or you've identified an area that actually warrants improvement.

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They're actually pretty decent out the box. I wouldn't go throwing a lot at it. They have a relatively tight bore barrel anyway so it rules that out.


You can run 11.1s in from the off.


I upgraded the hop on mine to a Prowin as I broke the original (don't ask) it's a tight fit but it will go in. FPS can be improved a bit, an m110 will boost it up enough without straining the remaining components too much. The spring is really easy to change as well so would really consider this.

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