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I don't wish to sound mean... But...


Don't buy that gun. And don't buy from JBBG.

Buy a decent starter gun, one that is recommended by a lot of the UK airsofting community. And also buy it from a reputable airsoft retailer, such as Zero one, Patrolbase etc


The G&G CM16 Raider.



That gun will perform much better than the SRC and shouldn't need much (if anything) doing to it for you to remain competitive in a game. 


@M_P has a guide for airsoft beginners and it's great. Well worth a thorough read:

I've just seen you've posted about the CM16.

Its in stock at Zero one (the link I posted).

Make sure you tick the box to get a free two tone paint job. You'll love it.


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I can personally vouch for the G&G CM16, I bought one, played my first game a few weeks ago and had an absolute blast.


One, thing, if you can, try to throw a couple of hundred rounds through it before your first game. I experienced the odd moment of misfiring as the brand new hop bedded in. Had to go and chuck about a mags worth down the range and adjust the hop during one of the off game times to get it sorted.

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