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Airsoft Review - Army Armament R36C GBBR

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Hello everybody,
I'm a big fan of the G36C, I had the WE G39C GBBR version during a long time, and Airsoft Entrepot give me the opportunity to test the first GBBR of Army Armament, the R36C. It's a very cheap GBBR, and when I received it, I was curious to know if it's a good way to start the GBBR. You will get the answer on the video wink.png
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You can visit my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/vasriotaep
See you guys



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Nice honest review thanks. 

I have an Army Glock 17 that has soldiered on for years and the G36 seems to be the same. Basic fit and finish and basic performance but at a cheap price. Could be a cheap fun gun. 



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