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Spraying a rifle two tone

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Hi all,



someone has offered to buy my gun but wants me to spray it two tone as they have no ukara? Just a quick question is it legal and does anyone know where sprays them.


thanks in advance

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UKARA is not the issue.  Do they have any valid defence that allows them to buy non two-tone.  If not, then are they over 18?  You can paint the gun two-tone but you must ensure the gun is 51% government approved bright colour.  Accepted bright colours are:

- Bright red

- Bright orange

- Bright blue

- Bright yellow

- Bright green

- Bright pink

- Bright purple


If you do paint the gun and the buyer backs out you are left with a two-tone gun for sale.


Personally, I would not paint a gun two-tone to make it an IF and would just wait for another buyer who can have a RIF.

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They have agreed to send half the money as a deposit as I stated I didn't want to be left with a two tone rifle.


ill check if he has any defence too.






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