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Nurpol Delta Enforced Alpha

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The Nuprol Delta Enforcer Alpha is one heck of a machine. Coming from an unassuming brand such as Nuprol who are most widely known for producing consumables such as gas, bbs (crap), torches (great), etc. have produced quite possibly the best off the rack gun under $370. I was skeptical at first when the shop owner laid out all the specs that just sounded way too good to be true. He then went on about how people who have previously purchased a similar model from the Nuprol range had nothing but good things to say that immediately sparked my interest. For the next few weeks I had a deep thought about purchasing the weapon. I thought to myself is it worth spending £289 or $350 (for our US readers) on a basically brand new to the market AEG? I did tons of research and could barely find any review but the ones I did find were purely positive, so I thought what the heck. Now on to the actual review.


·         6.03mm Tight bore barrel

·         Electronic trigger switch

·         Steel tooth gear set

·         High Torque motor

·         Quick change spring gear box design

·         Full metal construction

·         QPQ processing (Quench polish quench)

·         20mm DD style rail 

·         A replica of the SOPMOD Block II build

Initial review:

 When handling the rifle for the first time I had to keep my jaw from dropping. The rifle is extremely solid and has a dense but not too heavy weight. It just melts into the hands and is extremely comfortable to hold. Now this rifle is has a 14.5 in barrel so it is quite long but also allows for a pretty long inner barrel. The build quality is off the charts. There is ZERO wobble between the upper and lower receiver. There is ZERO wobble between the rail and the receivers. There is the tiniest bit of wobble from the crane stock itself but it is negligible. The processes that was used to coat the gun is very nice the paint will definitely be able to take a beating.

Play review:

Playing with this rifle was absolute fantastic. I used it for the first time at The Mall airsoft events in Reading, UK. The Mall is about as CQB as you can get so imagine the tightest corners possible. I will admit there are many more well suited guns for a CQB environment such as The Mall let’s not forget this weapon has a 14.5 inch barrel. I found it quite manageable moving through tight environments again not the best but its definitely doable and tests your weapon manipulation abilities (#ChrisCosta). Firing the weapon for the first time was great. Obviously its brand new so the trigger is quite tight and the electronic trigger will take some getting used to as the reset point is quite close. The gun didn’t have too much of a gear whine as most other stock guns one have I would say it’s quite well shimmed out of the box. The HT motor definitely makes a difference shots are snappy and quick and everything feels deliberate and precise when firing. I fired a few high caps off to slightly break in the spring and hop up trying to get it dialled in as best as possible and the gun is almost at laser beam type accuracy. Obviously nothing like R-hop or flat hop but definitely can compete. I was using .25g bbs and about 99.5% of shots went exactly where I wanted them too unless caused by a user error. Being in the UK and playing CQB FPS came in at 317FPS which is perfectly fine for me but having the quick change spring you can easily upgrade or downgrade as you please.

Final Thoughts:

The Nuprol Delta Enforcer Alpha has completely taken my breath away. For $350 you can get a pretty much upgraded gun that can without a doubt compete with some top of the line guns or even possibly out shoot some of them. This gun will suite beginners and players with years of experience. It has everything you need and want straight out of the box. As it stand there are no substantial internal upgrades I plan to make. Maybe flat hope but until it breaks nothing needs to be done. Definitely a buy that I would make 10x over. 

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