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Oscar Lewis

Advice to starting up an airsoft site.

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For a long time now I have been looking into starting up an airsoft business within the Shropshire hills. Currently I live upon a 500 acre farm where we may have a decent location for a site. This of which is an 18 acre valley, which is currently unused and relatively overgrown. Basically it's a long stretch of land with fairly steep inclines on either side. There is a small forest right down the middle along with a stream, along with a public lane that leads to the field. 

Another potential site would be that of a 30 acre forest.This is just opposite our land border and there is a well maintained track that leads up to it. This forest is currently being used for logging, but would imagine that the land owner would be interested in renting it out as a money earner while the trees mature.

Additionally, we also have been looking at several log cabins and wooden 'pods' to make it almost a live-in experience for the weekend etc.
I imagine that on either site there would be a variety of laws and legislation, such as changing the land use to obtain an active airsoft site. Insurance would also have a key factor and probably be the biggest cost. 

Of course nothing is set in the books just yet as we are looking for advice, problems that may occur and also unique features that could be added to such a site.

(It would be great to hear from any local players that may be interested in this to get a discussion going)





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sounds great, good luck with the venture. The woodland sites I play at are around 200 acres though so you may want to consider using a larger area, especially if you are wanting to run weekenders etc

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Too small. Ideally you should be looking at 40 acres or more for woodland if you have no special features to attract people in. Forget log cabins, airsofting general public are typically not looking to spend much to play and if you see the state some leave portaloos in, you wouldnt want them near shiny log cabins.


Check out your competition. Not much point in opening if you have other sites close by depressing the pricing.


Dont underestimate the investment needed in terms of time and money. Many airsofters get romantic notions about running their own site because they think it will be fun. Its a business. You dont get to play much and its hassle dealing with difficult people.


If you have access to 100 acres plus, I might know someone who would blanket rent the site for a few weekends each year for their milsim games and they would handle the insurance.

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