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CA MK22 upgrade advice.

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Hi all.

I feel that this is a relatively specific subject so that I feel justified in posting a separate thread. 

This may get a little long winded :D Please bear with me. 

I've looked around the web and the forums for various tidbits of info on the different upgrades that I've been looking at and one's that I'm not. To give a bit of background, I purchased my second AEG (Classic Army MK22 SCAR) from the local site shop under the understanding that it had an intermittent issue with the motor locking. I eventually fixed this by swapping the motor and pinion out with my broken old SRC M4 alternatives. I'll look into shimming and precise motor height when I take it apart next for the hop up. 

For reference I currently use a 2200mah LiPo 7.4v 35C. 


So, now the gun fires fine, I was looking into upgrading the accuracy and range primarily. The site I am at has a mix of outdoor CQB and long range engagements, so ideally the rifle should be CQB friendly, but capable of longer ranged engagements. If this isn't possible, I considered buying a Well MP7 as a back-up/sidearm, especially for my sniper. I find the range with both .2 and .25 rather lacking for the longer ranges. This may be slightly off my original topic, but I hear people frequently talk about being able to shoot 200-300 feet (accurately) with their AEGs, which honestly, after a number of years of airsofting, I have never seen. Bolt actions, aye, but not AEGs. Is this accurate?


So, the upgrades...

-The bucking upgrades that I was looking at (which are available to me) are the maple leaf monster 70 degree, with concave nub, or a DIY ( 60 degree silicone tubing) R-hop with a H-nub. 

I have also heard scattered bits and pieces on discussions suggesting that Classic Army makes pretty crap hop-ups. The pro-win has been suggested to me, but I was unsure whether it was really necessary. The stock one is a one piece metal affair with the same preferred ring hop up dial.

-I have also considered the sorbo pad upgrade. I was hesitant due to the relative low power of my gun, at about 330fps, as I've heard that it's not really necessary for lower powered guns. Apparently it also helps with AOE, but it would be nice if someone could confirm that this is actually useful in this case. I haven't really messed about with AOE myself yet. 

-The MK22 also comes pre-installed with a 6.03 tightbore. I've read up on theory regarding barrel bore / length, but I'm unsure of the relative quality of Classic army barrels to equivalent aftermarket parts by madbull etc. Would this be something I should look at upgrading after sorting out my hop-up?

-The SRC motor is a bit generic. It works, but there is a fair bit of whine in the gearbox and weaker batteries have difficulty cycling it. I suspect poor shimming, but I was wondering if a higher toque motor would help, if it persists after a shim job?


And finally I'd appreciate any other suggestions and such for upgrades. I felt a little swamped by the conflicting opinions and info out there, and not all of the info I did get was specific enough to apply to my case. Thanks in advance for any replies / help. 

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If it's one of the SRC "Ultra High Torque" motors they are rubbish. Good magnets though.

Your battery is up to the job, but a 'high torque' motor on 7.4v and stock gears might be a bit disappointing. A 'balanced' motor like the SHS Hi Torque (16TPA) with stock gears and 7.4v should manage around 16-17rps, and won't even get warm doing it.

If you fancy having a go at diy R Hops then get yourself a metre of 6mm bore EPDM car hose for around 3 quid. Works a treat.

200' using 0.28g BBs with enough accuracy to hit the bits of someone you can see round the side of a tree is completely doable at 350fps.

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I'm not sure what type of motor it is exactly. It's just a plain silver long type, that came from an £80 SRC M4. Seems to give a decent RPS. I do like a nice crisp trigger response though. 

Is this the one you were talking about? https://www.amazon.co.uk/SHS-Upgraded-Torque-Airsoft-Gearbox/dp/B00DPIVUG2 I couldn't find any with exact TPA ratings.


The maple leaf (with concave nub), 2 H-nubs and the 60 degree silicone tubing (6mm ID, 8mm OD) arrived the other day. I put the maple leaf straight into the MK22, along with the plastic concave, and it severely overhops .2s, and slightly .25s on lowest setting. I have some .32s lying around somewhere but I can't find them for testing. I've tried it with the H-nub, which gives better, more controllable results, but I've heard many people say that you really should use concave nubs with ML monster buckings. I don't particularly want to file down the concave nub though. 


I know this is a bit off topic but...

I've tried a DIY R-hop patch in my L96 with the usual built in pronged nub. That overhopped it and caused it to fly in a sickle shape. I had issues with my sniper before that it was shooting wildly to the right no matter what I did (looking at my WELL bucking it's a piece of rubbish, hence didn't feel bad butchering it for the R-hop). I've now filed down the prongs so they have a concave area to hold a seperate nub. I tried putting the other H-nub in, and I think it may overhop even more now... I'll cut a new patch and see if that helps. 


I'll update when I get any new upgrades / reach any winning combinations.

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So, I'm now using the Maple Leaf Monster 70 degree, with an element H-nub, and all of a sudden I'm getting double feeds every 10 shots or so, some BBs have terrible range, and the majority are pretty consistent. I'm not sure if this is poor installation on my part, but it seemed fine initially. I'll try reassembling it again. I've had a few hundred rounds through it so far. Oh well, there goes the hour or so it took to perfectly align the bucking. 

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