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TrustFire P10 320 Lumen Pistol/Gun Light Review & Shooting

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Hello Everyone, Here is my review and test video on the trustfire P10 320 lumen tactical pistol light.
In this video i give you a close up look and i talk about the quality of the tactical gun light, i fit the light on two of my pistols to show you how quick and easy it is to fit and how well it looks.
I also take the light outside to test in the dark, i test the light beam at a short distance or around 35 feet, and i test the light beam at a long range distance or about 45-50 yards, It performs really well..
As always i give my opinion on the gun light and give some pro's and con's.. At around $22 delivered this is a great low budget gun light, i do recommend them..

Dont forget to subscribe and watch the full video and keep your eye out for the special discount code.. (discount code is 12:45 into the video) :)


If The Dailymotion Embed Videos Do Not Work For You, Please Click On The Link Above The Video Instead..




And here is a follow up video, Using The Trustfire P10 Pistol Light On My Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gold Match At Gun Clubs Airsoft/Airgun Range..

So as promised here is a follow up video on the Trustfire P10 320 lumen gun light, i took the light to the range and did a bit of fun shooting with it on my tokyo marui hi-capa 5.1 gold match airsoft pistol, the light worked very well as i thought it would, haha as you will see when the range lights were turned off, the range was pitch black to the point you cant even see your hand in front of your face lol, but as soon as i turned on the gun torch, it lit up the range nicely. Unfortunately you dont get the full effect on video as the camera has nothing to focus on in the dark but you will see i have no problems hitting my targets..





Happy Shooting All..
ATB, Marc.. :gg:

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