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Large Scale Game Sites in the UK?

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Hi All,


I was wondering if any of you know of sites that offer a much larger terrain area than the "standard" airsoft games sites? In the previous country I lived I was used to playing a single game which would last for hours or sometimes a whole day and the game would cover quite a large area. I have attached a pic of my previous game site which consisted of woodland, an abandoned hospital and various outbuildings.


Can anyone recommend a game site in the UK that offers this type of gaming?







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That's about 500x300m. That's not that big, there are many sites here that have bigger areas. The skirmishes however are played on small, paintball sized areas and they are short games.


Look for milsim events or battlesim, filmsim, etc. Milsims are 1-2 day events but are expensive. The light milsims, usually are called battlesim, etc, are normal day events from about 10:00 to 16:00 with a lunch break only and played on the whole site. Gunman airsoft, RIFT, hopefully soon Ghost Tec Land Warfare and many more have these kind of games. These are reasonably priced.

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Heres FFZ's Urban Assault, RAF Upwwod, near Ramsey, be quick as may only be there another 12months....





Fairly big, about 280m x 340m (google maps measure....), sometimes feels like its too big when few players turn up and you play hunt the canisters.... but good fun



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there is also this one at Tuddenham i play at

run by Gunman and Team Green, mix of woodland and urban




Tony at Team Green has added lots of extras to the site and it seems to change everytime i go there


Definitely worth a trip ;):)



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