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Kc-02 cycling issues with co2

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I'm having a few issues with the co2 mags for my ASG kc-02 and was wondering if anybody else has had similar problems with their co2 guns. Internal firing mechanism is stock apart from rogueworx piston and npas installed.


the problem is after firing the first couple of shots the speed/force that the bolt cycles drops considerably then stops cycling all together. Rack the bolt again and will fire but not cycle the bolt enough to re-cock the system for another shot or at all.This will happen for the next couple of shots then it will have a sudden surge in power again and cycle properly again. It is the same in all 4 of my co2 mags but some are worse then others. Have had no issues using green gas magazines they still cycle fine even down to the dregs of the gas in the magazine.


i was using Swiss arms co2 bulbs and they didn't have the same issue until I had depleted the gas by about 2/3 of the way through a second full magazine. I am now using some crosman bulbs I got cheap of the eBay, could this be the reason for my issues just inferior pressure and quality in these bulbs? Or is there something wrong with my magazines?


I'm not very familiar with co2 as this is the first setup I've used so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Problem solved!


like most things in life just needed some extra lubrication! A liberal application of silicon oil around the new piston and she's firing flawlessly again.


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