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Hello Everyone.. New To The Forum. (not to shooting)

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Hello Everyone.. :)

My name is Marc aka (Clustermarc)


I am new to the forum so i just wanted to say hi for now, and tell you a little bit about me.. I have been shooting quite a few years now and love the sport/hobby, i get to do all sorts of shooting, airsoft, airguns, and im lucky because my family and i are members of firearms clubs so i also get to shoot RS firearms too and also enjoy some clay shooting as well now and then, lol im a softy so clays are the only birds i would shoot lol..


I am also a small youtuber, i do honest airsoft and airgun reviews, tutorials and Shooting videos, so i look forward to sharing my content with you too and i hope you like it....


Here are just a few pictures of some of my favourite guns. ;)












Guns for me come and go over the years, due to quite a tight budget and i like to get different guns, so sometimes it has to be 1 out 1 in kind of thing.. But Guns i currently have in my collection are, which are basically all keepers now lol are:

KWC Colt Custom 1911, (A One of a kind, my pride and joy gun which has been mirror polished and engraved)

Umarex Beretta 92fs

Umarex Colt 1911A1

Umarex Colt SAA Peacemaker

Umarex Walther Lever Action Rifles

TM beretta U.S M9

TM Hi-Capa Gold Match

TM Standard Hi-Capa 5.1

WE Scar L GBBR (which is my current project gun, which i will share with you)

TM based Limcat Custom Highly Modified Custom Gun (i did the full build on my youtube channel)


I am looking forward to speaking to you all and contributing to the forum too and sharing my videos etc with you..

Happy Shooting All..

All the best, Marc..

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Welcome :).

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Hello mate, :)

thank you for the welcome..

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