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Action camera HDR-AS50 vs GoPro hero session?

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Looking to buy my first action camera mostly for airsoft with a bit of cycling.

Budget around £170


I was so set on the Go pro session but the AS50 looks really nice and same spec I think.

Also with the ability to change the battery mid game as I don't think you can with the go pro?


My only major concern about the AS50 is getting protective casing for the camera body if taking hits in the side of it.








Thanks for any advice.






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Unless you play CQB I'd not bother with just a headcam, no one can see what you are shooting at. You need a scopecam too.
I use the Mobius 2 Actioncam as a headcam and as a scopecam, gets 1080p at 60fps. They are not waterproof but work well and are cheap (ish) so if they get shot out you can afford to replace them. I also have a GoPro Hero 5 Session and Hero Five Black which I use for my motovlogging, I'd not use them at airsoft as they may get damaged.

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unless your planning of taking the videoing seriously as in a channel etc I wouldnt bother, grabbed  a go pro cos I thought watching videos back would be awesome, I think I have watched one back out of half a dozen I could be arsed to record (played a lot since having one) and it was very boring. 

Spent a lot on it plus attachments and wish I had not bothered now.

Lots of walking, shouting, lots of dark rooms (play CQB a lot) loads of unwatchable footage of trees or door frames, not even a trip I can send it to you been framed :)  the occasional good shot, but man its boring to edit..


may just be me but work is boring so theres my 2 pence worth :P 

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Can't believe the SJCam4000 has not been considered here.

Be careful of fakes but seriously just google it. you can get one with a third of your budget, including case, mounts, extra batteries etc - and the video quality rivals that of a GoPro-  stills aren't as good but who uses them for stills!? 

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Well I'm buying one for cycling after almost being hit by a car :(


So mite as well get one that I can strap on my rifle or pistol for videos  :D

I would watch them I think but like I said I'm buying it for cycling any ways.


Checking out the reviews for the SJCam4000

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