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Walther PPQ - My New Favourite Pistol?

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I'm a bit of a pistol pete - always liked them, and I'm perfectly happy to go out into a skirmish with nothing but my P226 and 5 mags.


I've always liked the P99 series - used to shoot the real 9mm in Dubai, and used a blank firing P99 in Germany for work - something about the grip just melts into your hand and it just sits right.


I recently bought the PPQ by Umarex, and I have to say, this thing is a dream. Aside from looking totally tacticool, it just feels like the real deal, and the extra grip upgrade from the P99 with additional bumps and swells is just great. It feels a little weird having a P99-style gun that now has a button mag release instead of the trigger guard lever though. On the other hand, it slides into my Safariland 578 I bought for my Glock 19 and locks in just fine, so that's a plus.


Out of the box, the trigger isn't as smooth as say that of a Sig 226 or CZ P09, and that's probably the first place I'm going to be going under the hood and looking at the trigger action to work out what's causing the intermittent friction, aside from the two-stage trigger safety.


If I could change anything else about the PPQ, it would be to have an ambidextrous magazine release - the slide release is already dual sided, so they're halfway there already.



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