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G&P M4 moe barrel & hop up upgrade

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Hi all


I'm looking at upgrading my G&P M4 moe's hop up unit, nubbins and barrel. I've recently had the Gate Titan Mosfet installed which has helped greatly with trigger response, now im looking for better accuracy and maybe a little more range.


What would you recommend?  


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The stock G&P hop up is actually pretty damn good. You could go Maple Leaf and Nazuma soft nub, Modify or Prometheus flat hop with the matching nub, or R hop and eraser nub.

Again, the stock G&P barrel isn't bad either. Perhaps Prometheus EG 6.03, PDI or EdGi , although I believe the PDI and EdGi have a window shape that is less friendly to R hops. Happy to be told otherwise though.

Other than that it's a case of using quality, heavy BBs, 0.28-0.3g which if you're not already will be the single most cost effective upgrade you will ever make.

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