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New from East London/Essex

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Hey everyone, I'm currently saving to start airsoft up again after a 7 year hiatus.


I live in East London, on the border with Essex, my local site with be the AWA Herts.

I'm going to be starting with my cousin so I have someone to cover my back.

Were both looking at getting M4 platform weapons, for ease of mag buying and swapping in the field.

Any tips for a returning player and noob would be much appreciated. 

Also any review of AWA Herts, I've only heard good things so far.

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Welcome to AFUK and back to Airsoft where your wallet will be screaming at you!:D:D

Myself and my brother use ICS, well i just advised him with his 1st few AEGS, but he only uses my hi-caps, wont let him use my low or mid caps!


Take a look at the stickies in most topic areas for basic advice

this one is good as a start


New player guides and info


check links as weirdly one of them blocked me at work but im on the forum....so they may need remapping? (Proffink!)


and here


As you need to satisfy the UKARA requirements, rent for now but generally

G&G range are good to start with when you have a defence etc, ICS  as well, then move up as and when you need upgrading and adding bling for no reason :)


Site reviews are here

Site Reviews


oh and enjoy!!



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I currently frequent AWA Herts, it is a great site. If your going this weekend, look out for the M60, and come and say hello, we are more than happy to chat and help in anyway we can. 

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