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TM G3 High cycle VS ASG Scorpion

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Hey Guys, 

sorry if this is a typical noob thread or if I've not put this in the right place.

looking to purchase a new SMG style AEG 

and I can't decide between the Tokyo Marui G3 high cycle and the ASG Scorpion.

g3 is going around £270 and the scorpion around £290 

Hoping for more expierinced players opinions. Also open to suggestions for other models 

budget is £400-500 (including mags and accessories etc) 


Thanks in advance.



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I know a lot of people who love there scorpions (one is on his 4th, he keeps selling it lol, then buying another), but the mags can be difficult to get or expensive.


the tm tm will be good out off the box, but its fps will be low (around 300'ish due to Japan's 1J law)


go go somewhere that has them both, and see what feels better in your hands etc

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Thanks for the advice, I've heard the mags aren't great. And seen a fair bit in general about the Scorpion but almost nothing on the TM 

I won't get the opportunity to view either until I purchase. Although that would be the ideal scenario..

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TM G3 HC is just basically a tarty G3 no mosfet & Shortstroked 3 teeth pushing 290fps doing say 25rps

That is it when you break it down to the bare bones - nothing awesome except for the name

Assembled well but then you are not buying a £100 JG G3 at the end of the day


The High Cycle is just a 13 tooth sector gear - first 3 teeth cut off to shorten the stroke & allow faster return of piston

Image result for Hard Sector Gear (High Cycle) For High Cycle Series


grab a dremel & DIY

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