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G&G GC 16 Predator question.

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Hi guys and gals. So the misses and I  are just getting into airsoft and will hopfuly have ukara by the end of the month (3d game done :D). I been doing some research a think as a first gun we will get the G&G GC16 Predator, just wondering if anyone happens to know if it will come with the G2 gearbox as standard or not? Any info or direction for info would be greatly appreciated. Happy hunting :D

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Very very unlikely - end of the year perhaps

(most likely next year so don't hold your breath)


links for hyped up new products that they should just stop making videos, computer animation & stuff promoting it

Bloody get on with it than hype it all up & fit stuff like "double o-ring nozzle cylinder head" to all their guns right now etc....








reckon end of year if you are lucky - tbh, buy a Krytac and forget ETU or ETU2 stuff

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