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North v South Airsoft Zone

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"North vs South Festival" - 5th - 7th May 2017 at the Swynnerton DIO (Defense Infrastructure Organization) Staffordshire.
The Airsoft gaming area is the AIRSOFT ZONE seen on the map below and is around 100 acres of mixed woodland, scrub land and urban terrain at the Swynnerton Training Area.
This is going to be one airsoft event your not going to want to miss.

Event Features & Activities:
# 100+ Acre Airsoft Zone & Full On Action Packed Airsoft Games
# Live Round Firing Range - AK47 - smith & Wesson AR15 - Beretta arx160 - Uzi SMG and more
# Archery Sports
# Knife and Axe Throwing
# Paintball Games and Arenas
# Party with Licensed Bar - Entertainment - Live Music - DJs - Games - Competitions
# Indoor Bunker Accommodation (2 nights military dorm room accommodation bed and locker provided - bring sleeping bag and padlock)
# Build it Tank Building.
# Trade and Expo Stalls (Enola Gaye - Valken - BattlePose)

The cost of the weekend is £85 and Includes:
# full weekend player pass
# 2 nights camping
# Access to all games, activities (excluding Megarena & Firing Range) and entertainment.

So whats this all about?

Well here's an introduction from the organizer.

Hi all.
North V South is a paintball festival which started 25 years ago as paintball Big Game. Over the years it has grown into Europes biggest annual paintball festival, a 3 day extravaganza where players camp, meet, shop, party, & play.

In the past few year we have introduced other "trigger" and combat gaming elements to enhance the festival and cater for the casual, or curious, rather than simply hard core paintballers.

With the growth in magfed and milsim paintballing in recent years we have many attendees who play both paintball & airsoft, as the nature of the gameplay diverges. Paintball is no longer ONLY about shooting masses of ammo ! - with many players not even interested in the "traditional" games.

So whats it all about for airsofters?

For your ticket you can come and camp for part or all of the weekend and can take part in all activities over the 3 days.

We have several non-paintball activities running throughout the weekend. Fun activities like Axe & Knife throwing (incl), combat archery (incl), Live Firing Range (buy ammo)


You may also take part in any of the paintball games or missions, just bring kit if you have it, borrow or rent it if you dont, and jump on the shuttle buses to the relevant zones.

Of particular interest may be the EVASION night survival challenge ! and the "Waterbourne" and " Convoy" Magfed missions !



In the party area you will find the bar, and stage with a full program of fun activities, DJs, and some great live acts.

There are numerous food vendors and a huge expo of traders (albeit MOSTLY paintball) however there are cross over companies like Enola Gaye and Valken Sports

For the airsoft games we have worked with partner Ace Airsoft Wargames, we have identified a great mixed area which is suitable for a wide range of missions and contains some fantastic terrain & buildings. If you dont know of DIO Swynnerton it is a huge military training area, and is a fantastic playground for any kind of combat gaming.

Ace will be running a range of airsoft games/mission throughout the weekend. The more players book the more will be on offer - including the possibility of an airsoft night game or excercise.

We look forward to welcoming our airsoft cousins to the event, everyone involved is excited by what may be possible going forward for a combined "Combat Gaming" Festival - but we have to start somewhere so please get on board if you think these kind of events are the way forward for airsoft..

Tickets are here :)
This is a Ticket Only Event
Ticket Booking Link:






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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) thread.

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