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WA2K dmr

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Hi guys


I built this a few years ago.





Im getting round to finishing it off. Please ignore the woodwork i was just mocking up. ive got some nice mahogany to make a proper set once its all fitting right.


Ive made a kuba mk1 hpa setup for it housed in a cut down v2 gearbox and im using a classic army g3 hop unit as they are mega stable. 650mm psg1 barrel puts the chamber in the real steel position. Yet to make any mags.




Where im stuck is, i need somebody to make me an fcu to run the firing solenoid.


Here is the fcu



ive tried but ive had no luck getting it working. I am hopeless with electronics.


So any electronic engineers fancy helping me out please? beer tokens will be provided.


Its about time this thing got finished.

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That's pretty easy to do I suppose. I'd do it if I lived in the same hemisphere as you. If no one has taken you up on it in a month or so then I may be a last resort option.

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