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Problem with ICS M4.

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I took out my ICS M4's upper reciever and unscrewed it to put in a new spring, everything came out and now won't fit together right and the spring for my cocking handle stretched out too and is now useless. Can anybody help?

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That's the split gearbox one isnt it?

make sure the spring guide is correctly seated in the back

tappet plate needs to be connected correctly and everything else is fairly self explanatory

If it isn't the split gearbox, it's almost definatly your anti reversal latch getting in the way, just persevere with it


spring on the cocking handle sprain easily, just get hold of a new one (make sure it's the right one) and be more carefull next time, or just leave it off, I do on the ones I have sprained and you don't really notice.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.