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MOSFET....Which brand

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Looking to get a mosfet to install in my newly acquired CA M14.


Having very little experience with MOSFET, but handy enough with a soldier iron and wiring.


Wondering what the going recommendations are when it comes to brand and types?

Having had a quick look around, I found GATEE MOSFET's in various degrees (Pico SSR, NanoHARD, MERF3.2 etc..) each adding more function than the previous.

Guessing I wont really need anything over the top, just a standard MOSFET, as the M14 will be turning into a DMR, so no worries about burst fire or increase RoF. Just want good trigger response without risk of burning / wearing out contact points.

(Or are there further benefits to be had from a more expensive MOSFET system?)


Are there certain features to look at when considering a MOSFET unit?



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comes with enough wire to rewire the gun - but if rewiring you need to get your own connectors (2.8mm spade & dean)


£10 delivered & IT IS BRITISH !!!!!!


Seriously - very few things I recommend but this simple non AB Mosfet is hard to beat

has its thermal fuse built in so can lose ye olde cartridge fuse

a guy on Zero In had trouble fitting one - turns out he had it wired in reverse polarity !!!




BUT STILL WORKED - f*ck me only way to improve upon that would be if it gave free blow job - think that is the next model they are working on


edit - I think the guy was f*cking lucky tbh and I would advise you aim for installing it correctly first time if possible

all the same it is bloody small - some have even fitted these inside a non rear re-enforced v2 gearbox

(yeah I know you are looking to install one on a m14 but just showing additional crap for others benefit)



eg: G&G, VFC G&P types are do-able if your v2 box is like this:





others like cyma/d-boys & others are re-enforced at back so can't squeeze in a mosfet inside box

eg: can't fit one inside if your box is like this:




but it is bloomin' small so can go almost anywhere really - no biggy if you take a bit of time to site it well

most important bit is choosing where to site it & how you route the wires blah blah blah

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seconded - I have used a few of these and they are excellent

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I use the basic gate nano ssr mosfets in all my rifles. Yes there cheap & basic but does what it needs to so I'm happy with them

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Thanks for the advice. Ordered the Firestorm MOSFET.

Free postage was also a nice little bonus when most UK airsoft sites seem to charge £5+ for even small items such as hop rubbers.

+1 to Firestorm!

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