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Cheap Mtp molle belt

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Can anyone recommend a cheap molle belt that is compatible with osprey pouches?

I own a set of PLCE webbing and a full osprey setup, however i think both of those will be a tad overkill for my needs.


All im looking to attach to it are 2 osprey mag mag pouches and a utility pouch.





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You can thread modular pouches on to literally any belt, it doesn't have to have PALS on the outside. If they shift around you just tie on some paracord.


If you really want a dedicated platform, do not go too cheap as I 100% guarantee you will end up regretting it. The budget options out there for Multicam PALS belts are mostly utter utter tripe that will fail you in short order and you'll have wasted the money when you could've spent slightly more buying something decent in the first place.






Those are some high quality options in price order that will work and work reliably for a very, very long time. If your budget is smaller, just get a normal PLCE belt off ebay and strap your pouches right on to that, then maybe get a seperate belt pad to strap on, as that works out to create the exact same setup in the end.

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