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Upgrading VSR G-Spec

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Morning All,


I know the below has been discussed in depth in many places, but hope for some first hand feedback on the below:


Looking to upgrade my TM VSR G-Spec from stock to something I can use in skirmishes.

Originally I was going to do a complete Laylax build with Action Army hop unit, but understand the total cost of the kit will be several hundred ££.

Happy to pay the money if it is worth it.

Wondering if anyone has had first hand experience between Laylax and ASP? ASP parts are quite a bit cheaper, but do they perform as well?

Will be doing the complete upgrade (Trigger, cylinder, piston, spring......)


Any advice would be appreciated. And please note I am not interested in installing a mancraft or other gas kits. Neither am I looking for various other brands. I know PDI and Laylax are known for being the best, and both carry a similar price tag.

My question is how does ASP parts match up to Laylax (Or PDI)?

Would prefer first had experience if anyone has had a chance to work with both.


Do I save some money and go with ASP kit and have some spare £ for something else, or do I splash it all on proven kit (Laylax)?



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