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How to (potentially) save a lipo

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I do not recall who first said about using this method, but whom ever it is thanks :)


First and foremost, I accept no responsibility if you choose to try the following method, it is at your own risk!


Next lipo safety .... If you do not know how to correctly handle lipo batteries or are not very experienced with there usage/handling, do not continue reading!


For this method (which I have personally used twice now) I am basing the instructions on my own Personel kit, your results may vary ( for this I will be using an iMax B6 charger)


The following should be carried out in a well ventilated place with a plan for what to do if something goes wrong, ie access to power to isolate, fire extinguisher, rapid exit to get rid of the lipo if something goes wrong etc etc


This is how I do it,


1)First I always check the battery, you are looking for any reason to not attemp this and just bin the battery etc, you are looking for any signs of bulging, deterioration, contamination, punctures etc etc also consider is it worth, at worst a major fire, for the sake of a £10 or £20 lipo??


2)Next try a balance charge, you never know it may work


3) if still no joy reset the charger for a Nimh charge at no more then 0.1A (this is for safety). Start slowly charging the battery, checking to ensure it dosn't get warm or bulge etc (if it dose stop, that battery is unrecoverable). Do not leave the battery/charger unattended!!!


4) once the charge is nearing the battery rated voltage (6.4v for a 7.4v, 10.1v for a 11.1v etc) stop the charge and give the lipo a break ( I allow 20 mins), do not leave it unattended at all.


5)re inspect the battery, any defects do not continue!


6)reset the charger for a lipo charge at 0.1A, keeping an eye out for bulging and checking for it heating up, any problems or issues stop! Etc. Do not leave it unattended for the duration of the charging cycle.


If at any point the battery gets warm or bulges, do not continue, it's not worth it

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