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JG Bar-10 (G-SPEC & Pro, SDiK, Lots of Spares)

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I've got a JG BAR-10. It comes with two outer barrels, left hand conversion plus original parts.

- JG Bar-10 G-SPEC w/ PDI Hop v1 + Unknown 6.03mm AEG barrel (£140 + £60 + £25)
- AirsoftPro 90 deg. EZ Trigger (£80)
- Mancraft SDiK (£105)

Not Installed:
- VSR Pro w/ Original Hop + Barrel, TDC mod (£70 for the lot?)
- Airsoft Pro Spring Guide (£15)
- 2x Springs (500fps and 300fps) (£0)
- Airsoft Pro 90 deg. Piston (£0 Free w/ Trigger)
- Stock Trigger Unit (£0)
- Stock Piston (£0)
- Spare Original Hop Unit (£10)
- Mancraft Regulator (£50)
- CO2 Adaptor (£15)
- QD pneumatic fittings (£5)
- Spare 4mm Hose (£1)
- Tournament Lock for Reg. (£10)
- Repair kits for Regulator + Adaptor (£5)
- Spare Left & Right Handed Receivers (Left Pictured) (£50 Custom Machined From Scratch)

- Bushnell 3-9x56E Scope (£40)
- VSR Bipod (£15)
- VSR Pro 14mm Adaptor (£10)
- Swiss Arms 213mm Suppressor (£20)

Installed on Gun: £410
Spare Parts: £231
Accessories: £85

Total New Cost: £726

Any idea on what it'd be worth now?


PS: Hoping this is the correct section, I'm guessing it's classed as advice. Sorry if it's placed incorrectly!

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Tough one, I've not seen many upgraded VSR's go for £600, a lot of them go for around £300.


Highest i've seen an upgraded TM G-Spec go for is £450, even with almost entirely PDI parts, so this as being JG based won't sell for anywhere near that, and in the grand scheme of things, remove accessories (excluding mags) from valuation costings, as they're meaningless to the value.

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