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General on snow wolf ppsh -41

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Questions for this morning for the collective hivemind.

1)does anybody know of any midcap mags to fit snow wolf ppsh? Only ones I can find are hexagon ones but they don't fit or is it a case on modding a Mp5 midcap like few others have? Has anyone done this?

2)what sort of accuracy should I expect at what sort of range? I'm used to target shooting so it's abit of a learning curve in terms of airsoft with only really using site guns before and let's face it they are never that good of a bench mark....

3)it's a cheapish gun so what parts would people recommended upgrading?(can't help but tinker) says can use mauri parts? But I run a cnc workshop so making in house isn't a problem if need be

4) anyone know of a way of getting better contacts on fire selector switch? I'm already having issues with it refusing to fire from this....

Thank you in advance

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