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New player in Lincolnshire

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Morning all.

Just started playing airsoft played for the first time yesterday at urban assault and I think I'm already addicted. I am considering purchasing my first weapon in the near future and I like the appeal of the ICS M4A1 carbine with the metal receiver like this please can I have some feedback on the quality and reliability of this weapon http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-metal-m4a1-retractable-stock-ebb-airsoft-gun-aeg





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i have similar which is resr wired and has a front grip, I think it's ICS 321? Take a look, its a nice AEG. As heavy as the M4s they use as rentals, nice ROF. Have the element front grip on mine and an Xcortech unit. Tbh though, I generally use single shot most of the time


I play at Urbsn occasionally, got by best hits with that back in February, lovely gun, was my 2nd after the CXP-UK1

Pop to Firesupport if you can and take a look at them in the flesh

With them, you can get it delivered to Urban for use in your third game


I need to go back again as ukara is almost upon updating time

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