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Prop Bomb Mk2

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Hello all,


I've been playing around with some objective based game ideas and have seen the prop bombs about, either on instructables or for sale on a few sites. I'm pretty good at things like this so I thought I'd have a go myself.


It is built with bits I had laying around and an arduino uno total cost is around £20. The code is available online in various versions but mine is heavily edited to remove some bugs and update some functions I wanted.


The brief was :-


Arming code that can be set (for a find the intelligence in X building and use to diffuse the bomb in Y building type scenario)

Portable but with a tether that can be activated (so that the bomb can only be activated in certain areas)

Adjustable countdown (for game length)

Looks real enough that when you first see it you think twice (but not to much so my door gets kicked in by a government agency)

Simple to use and reset

Incorrect code triggers a 2 min penalty deducted from the timer.


It has a built in siren that is rated at 120Db (you know when it has exploded take it from me). and a relay switch designed to detonate a smoke grenade on detonation through an electronic fuse.


This one is finished just need to test it in the field. I was tempted to put a series of wires that can be removed in order to disarm the timer but thought it would be a nightmare to reset.


Any ideas/thoughts to improve???







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Nice work. I was thinking about building a simpler version and my first thought was that it shouldn't look anything similar to a real bomb. So adding those marks was a good idea IMO.


It looks great and has nice features. I don't know how sturdy it is but the players will drop it, throw it, fall on it, etc.

What battery do you use?


One option you could add is a bluetooth module to the arduino and make a simple phone app to be able to quickly change parameters, reset it, get a log from it, things like that.

Maybe a function to beep when it's lost - never trust the players. :D

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Then all you have to do is swap the buzzer for a detonator.... crashhh...

oh hello mr police officer...

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It will run on anything between 5v-20v so there are a few options for testing I've been using a 9v and it lasts for a 4 hours. It's pretty sturdy as it's 90% hot glue! the aduino unit is pretty well protected but we'll see. I do like the bluetooth idea for changing parameters on the fly but, I am working on a version with buttons for changing the time and game type on the unit itself.


I understand that any out put could be used in conjunction with a detonator, but this is also true for any electrical device. The main problem with making a prop bomb is it looks like a bomb, Hence why it is heavily marked as a prop

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Can already here the keys typing up the new sub-section of the VCRA, covering RIB's, Realist Imitation Bombs.

Must have the word PROP painted on it, covering not less than 50% of the External surface.....

Just don't publish your designs/code for it or you may very well be getting yourself on some 3 letter acronyms watch lists.

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Just built one myself.

Not perfect but next one will be better...

We already tested the prop on Airsoft Forge/ Red Alert Paintball site in Newbury.

Quite a change in terms of You regular game routines




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