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Buying and selling.

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Just a reminder to anyone buying


Remember if you are using Paypal do not use the Gift option ! If anything goes wrong you will not be able to get your money back and you may get your account suspended.


And please, get the sellers Name & address and possibly there contact number.


Just a reminder to anyone selling.


Please stick to the Law, its there in place to aid airsoft do not sell RIF's to anyone who isn't a registered skirmisher or has a valid defence.


I cannot stress how important these things are and remember if you read the disclaimer we take no liability for any lost money in sales made over this forum.


Of course we want every transaction to be safe but this is the real world and people are out there who will scam you.


Be Safe :)

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hi im trying to find out how much is the exchange rate is from ehoby asia to uk



it said that 335 hong kong is 26 pounds is that true or is ehoby asia just usa dollars


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