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ASPUK - DIY Advanced Upgrade Kit for Tokyo Marui VSR Gspec

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Hi All,


Has anyone had any dealings with ASPUK in regards to their Advanced Upgrade Kit for Tokyo Marui VSR Gspec?

ASPUK Full Adva nced Upgrade DIY Set


I have just purchased a Tokyo Marui Gspec and want to upgrade straight away, I have looked at the main components needed to achieve 500FPS and this kit looks pretty good. What are peoples thoughts and is there any thing else i need to achieve this or does this kit fully tick every box?


Please contact ASPUK for more information on this item

**In This set you will get everything you need to start hitting thoughs targets at 80m

You will recive

A full tutorial instruction manual

1 Advanced 90 Degree trigger set

1 Advanced Piston

1 Advanced Spring Guide

1 Advanced 500 FPS spring

1 Advanced Steel cylinder

1 Advanced Steel Cylinder head

1 Advanced 6.02 Tight bore Precision Barrel

1 Roll of Teflon Tape


Thank you in advance.



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Buy it yourself separately - there's plenty on this forum and others about what to get, but most ASPUK stuff is rebranded Airsoft Pro parts from airsoftpro.cz.




You need to do your research with sniper rifles. Worth reading lots of threads and informing yourself before diving in as there's a lot of nuance. Also look into the Mancraft SDiK as that's another avenue one can take.

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Many Thanks Proffrink!

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