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Please help me decide which TM GBB pistol :)

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They'll all shoot largely the same, but the Hi-Capa has the most available 'upgrades'. Just buy what you like the look of really or what feels good. The Desert Eagle, for example, is pretty bulky and isn't for someone who has small hands. The HK45 is somewhat the same, but if you have larger hands you might prefer them.


If possible try and hold one if anyone at your next skirmish owns one. That's the only difference I could see being of any note.


If you need mags or aftermarket parts for any of them then here's a great site that stocks quite a bit of stuff: http://www.rainbow8.com/ - might give you an idea of what's available, but bear in mind it's really only Guarder and a couple of other brands so generally there's a lot more available than what's there. Excellent for magazines though (although less so since GBP took a dive).

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