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Okto Eight Milsim

Operation Nutcracker 22-23rd October 2016 Kings Langley

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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MILSIM - Two x 8 hour Milsim Scenarios with Three Forces.
Booking Cost: £65 for weekend.
£30 deposit required via Paypal to secure place

Location - the former Soviet Republic of Moldistan in 2016.

Two years ago, a massive seam of high grade Titanium yielding ore was discovered in Moldistan and it propelled this sleepy, poor, woodland country into the limelight of the international stage and civil war.

Operation Nutcracker is to be the seventh game in this series.

The allegedly corrupt and autocratic president of Moldistan, Aleksandr Gretsky has become an ally of the West, despite his former soviet leanings.
The Americans in particular, are both his prime customer and largest military supporter.

The Peoples Front of Moldistan (MPF), an anti-Gretsky political body of breakaway former governmental soldiers and radicals, live like modern day Robin Hood's in the extensive forests and do their best to harass what they see as an evil dictatorship, destroying the prosperity of their motherland.

In the last game, we saw the MPF abandon the village where they were recovering and regrouping after their attack on Gretsky's military airfield. In this game, they have returned to their lair in the vast forest area known as the "Badlands".

The "Badlands" are referred to with reverence and in hushed tones by Moldistan mothers when they scold their naughty children. "Behave or we'll leave you in the badlands and run away" they say.
Long considered to be haunted and home to trolls and all means of devilish creatures, they are also where the MPF operates from.

Too large to destroy with artillery and aerial bombardments and too far from Krasvin, the capital city, to control, they make the ideal hideout for renegades and bandits.

Any patrol that is brave enough to venture into the "Badlands", seldom returns intact. Anything larger than the smallish UAV is soon shot down by a dazzling array of MPF weapons.

The Rebels are like ghosts and it sometimes seems that they can appear and disappear at will, achieving an almost mythical status.

What's worse, the MPF appear to be financed now by the mysterious figure known only as "The Man" with weapons being purchased in exchange for bad deeds. The MPF have become guns for hire to fuel their need to overthrow the President.

Gretsky believes he has the MPF with their backs to the wall, bottled up in the Badlands, with nowhere to go.

Now, he needs brave soldiers to go in and destroy them where they sleep, ridding him of the MPF curse forever.

He has amassed all his military might for the final attack.

A sledgehammer to crack a nut ? we will see...


FORCES - 50 places maximum across three forces.

MPF Moldistan Peoples Front - 50% Flecktarn/DPM/Russian camo and solid colours.
MDF Moldistan Defence Force (Government Troops) - Flecktarn/DPM
NATO Coalition - MTP/Multicam





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Only a few days to go now and everbody is getting excited.


We've just taken delivery of a our new Special Forces QRF vehicle which will be used in this op and subsequent family games.



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A great weekend with some brilliant milsim action.

Thanks to all AFUK members who played.


Just a photograph to give you an idea of what we got up to.


We will release photos of the QRF 4WD buggy in a couple of weeks as its being used for some other Filmsim events and we dont want to spoil the surprise for those players.


Next game will be Op Clean Sweep on Feb 11/12th at the same location.




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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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