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Just recently received my Pistol and other accessories from them yesterday morning!

They're based in Hong Kong and they do amazing videos on there latest stock on Youtube.


Though i'd share my experience with you all :)


What i bought

WE Hi Capa

Spare Mag




Came together £140 appox including p&p


On the site its stated on the gun that the gun would pass through customs without being seized but there will be a tax on it.


Ordered early January took them 2 weeks to post it!

Arrived in the Uk within a few days and was stuck in the International Hub for more than 3 weeks! Before receiving a letter telling me that they've detained my gun and won't give it back without proof of membership through a site.

Emailed them all the details they needed to clear my pistol.

Eventually they did release it but took them less than a week till they posted it to me.

Tax costed me £42


All together everything cost me approx £180


My opinion on my first purchase from them.


I was happy with the price of everything (except tax!)


Everything arrived in perfect condition. Got a free t-shirt as well :D


Delivery was EXTREMELY slow! On their site it states they dispatch everything within 5 days! Unless upgrades were being done...which wasn't my case.


Emailed them several times about products on their site and some queries i had.

They very rarely reply to any emails i send them.


And in one of the lucky replies i got back from them. They assured me customs would not seize the gun. Which they did in the end and added MORE time to be delivered



Wouldn't buy guns from them again as service was too slow.

No customer support.

Good prices.

Great website with plenty of details and pictures of products. But could be better categorising them.

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not bought from redwolf, but have bought lots from ebaybanned and abairsoft. If you are purchasing RIF's then get the seller to put your UKARA/Site membership info (and contact number as well helps) on the outside of the package, that way customs can verify it without the 3 week delay.

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I got my package with a print out of my UKARA form on the box already.

Sent my UKARA to Redwolf which i assumed they would have stuck it on the box to insure it getting passed.

But as i said customs asked for proof, so i emailed them a copy of the UKARA form also.

So im unsure if customs or redwolf stuck the UKARA form on the box.

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Bought myself two rifs from RedWolf myself just before christmas and was very happy with the service. Saved an absolute fortune on UK prices and only got charged £28 total for tax on a scar and l85 together. Was well chuffed. Fantastic site.

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