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10.3 Outer Barrel Question?

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I'm in need of a 10.3 outer barrel for my CYMA AEG project. I noticed that 5KU sell's a 10.3 aluminum barrel that they advise is a 1 piece barrel, however it seem's to follow the same build construction as the Madbull Daniel Defense 10.3 outer barrels and I've been told that the Madbull Daniel Defense 10.3 outer barrel is a 2 piece barrel and has issues with barrel wobble. Can anyone confirm that the 5KU 10.3 outer barrel made of aluminum is in fact, a 1 piece design that will not wobble?


My second question is, could anyone confirm if the Madbull Daniel Defense 10.3 outer barrels are 2 piece barrels?


My options for a 10.3 barrel are drying up. I have a retailer that still has the Madbull 10.3 Daniel Defense outer barrels in aluminum in stock, but no more steel. If it was the steel version, the 2 piece design, wouldn't be an issues as I could weld the barrel, forming 1 piece, but I don't have that option with aluminum and I don't think JB Cold Weld works on aluminum.


The aluminum barrel sounds like a great option due to lighter weight and I'll be using free floating rails, but I don't know anything that I can do to mod the barrel and create a 1 piece barrel that's free of wobble, if It's made of aluminum. Need advice?



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